The Hemingway List

The Open Boat - Stephen Crane

January 10, 2019

Here at The Hemingway List Podcast, we are reading our way through a list of 16 books that Ernest Hemingway recommended. We have now finished reading and discussing our first book off the list! It also happens to be the shortest book on the list, with only 7 short chapters. 

THE OPEN BOAT - By Stephen Crane (1897)

A small crew find themselves stranded in a small dinghy after surviving a shipwreck.

The Open Boat Podcast Episodes

The below series of podcasts contains a full audiobook reading of The Open Boat, and an in-depth discussion about each chapter.


Buy the official "The Hemingway List" paperback of The Open Boat HERE.

The Open Boat and The Blue Hotel by Stephen Crane for The Hemingway List

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